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meat dish ewe lamb
ewe lamb chuck
chicken veal, veal meat
rump andouillettes (pluck-filled)
andouille sausage goose
animal fat marbled meat
kaleji hindquarten
tripe bacon
shank fried egg
banger Barnsley chop
chuck veal fricassé
hen blade bone
boneless (meat) boar (young)
pork chitterlings (i)
brisket (of beef) grouse
bone leg
black pudding ewe
sweetbread buffalo
shoulder (fore) minced meat rolled in bacon
carcass (pheasant) cervelat
porc cheek chicken nugget
chicor chine
chons chump chop
leafhopper (dry-roasted) confit
silverside poussin with wine
neck crown of lamb
corned-beef pork caul
leg unsplit omelette
meat fallow-deer
French stew boiling-meat
egg yolk dripping, drippings
stew meat (beef) red-deer
duck (venison, breeded) breast of duckling
egg albumen
elk meat prime rib
NPF (Novel protein foods) thin flank
sirloin pheasant
tenderloin ptarmigan
collop flank steak
foie gras fricandeau
game grilled sirloin of veal
ground meat minced meat in a cover
goat meat boiled egg
wisked egg white smoked bacon
smoked sausage stuffed egg
poultry meatloaf
grilled chicken giblets
gigot haunch (of venison)
gizzard (poultry) whippet eggs
weanling gurda
scalded sausage cockerel
hare minced meat, beef and pork
hare saddle heart
chickenliver hazel grouse
jugged hare brains (lamb's brains)
gammon minced porc
deer flank
shank cock
boiled ham veal cutlet
veal's neck veal collop
turkey beef's first neck
kangeroe meat rabbit saddle
smoked pork chop
bread kebab frog's legs
chicken leg and thigh chickenbreast
chicken soup piece of leg of veal
thin flank alpine chamois
chicken leg rabbit
headmeat spare ribs
calf tongue quail
pork sausages lamb chop
schoulder of lamb guard of honour
lamb tenderloin lamb's loin
lamb lard (pork)
lamb forequarter lamb gigot chop
lamb leg steak lamb's breast
liver sausage lamb hindshanks
loin (beef) striploin
liver paste luncheon meat
saddle of lamb beef marrow
marrow(-bone) mutton-beef sausages
œuf mimosa eye of round
mulard duck lamb's middle neck
noisette (small round steak) innards
fillet of beef butcher's steak
bacon shank of veal (cut)
ox-tongue oxtail
horse rumpsteak horsemeat sausage
horsemeat blade
meat cuttings beef for braising
veal breast turkey brisket
pepperoni (sausage) sinews
pigeon drumsticks
chick(en) escalope (veal)
poached egg salt meat
cockerel lamb from salt meadows
guinea fowl potted head
pork steak sweet peppers sausage
game pie with cube of potato quenelles
woodpigeon wether lamb (sheep)
spleen raw ham
roe (deer or buch) saddle of venison
reindeer minced beef
rib of beef ram lamb
roulade smoke
roasting joint rump
beefsteak beef sausage
tallow smoked beef
smoked sausage salami (i)
pork shoulder turtle
schnitzel pork-chop
free range (egg) mutton
scrag shoarma(h) meat
oyster boiling fowl (over 6 month old)
pork head snails
pâté spread widgeon
woodcock soupbone
meat for soup chorizo sausage
Coburger ham children's meatballs
diced (fat) bacon raw banger
pork belly pieces of lard
fried egg fried eggs
thick flank ling-pig
rumpsteak rump
ostrich fillet (game) edgebone
suet meat juice
pig's ears (meat) tea wurst
topsides chicken thigh
tongue tournedos
ribs of beef tongue sausage
beef's fore ribs valentine steak
pork-cutlet pork tenderloin (fillets)
pork medallions pork riblet
pork belly with soft fat fat
pork belly chicken wing
charcuterie pigs trotter
dripping pot cold meats
brisket white pudding
sausage rolls frying sausage
soft boiled egg (lightly) suckling lamb
brawn pork-rind
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