FR: xérès

 DE: Sherry

 EN: sherry
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 DA: sherry

 NL: sherry

 ES: jerez
    - fino
    - manzanilla
    - amontillado
    - oloroso
    - amoroso (cream sherry)
    - pale cream
    - Pedro Ximénez

 SE: sherry

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EN EN: Sherries from Spain are there in different types:

- Fino is dry and knows a local and export quality. The local is more delicate, but cannot travel and has to be drunk as soon as possible. The export quality is higher in alcohol.

- Amontillado is medium dry and aged to become more powerful.

- Manzanilla, has a little salty character from being grown up at the sea-side.

- Oloroso, or Amoroso or Cream sherry, have been matured to become great richness and roundness. These sherries are most of the time very sweet, only Oloroso can be dry or medium as well.

- Pale cream has a pale colour and delicate sweet flavour.

- Pedro Ximénez is made from Pedro Ximénez grapes that have been dried in the sun. It is a great desert wine with a clear flavour of raisins.

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