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potato-flour seaweed isingglass
loaf (a) amaranth (flour)
amchoor aromatic rice
quinoa arrowroot (powder)
bajra flour (ID) tagliatelle
Chinese steamed bread basmati rice
flaky rusk
wholemeal flour puff pastry ready-rolled
cake & pastry flour buckwheat
bruschetta chips? bread batter
brioche bap (from Scotland)
red rice broken rice
wholemeal bread-roll bruschetta
couscous cake mix
rice (ii) sandwich bread
ciabatta African millet
corn(cob) crostini
croûtons -
custard powder batter
fine semolina durum wheat
egg noodles emmer (wheat)
vermicelli fettuccine pasta
fibrex flatbrod
flute crisp rolls
broken grains gelatine
polished rice barley-flour
millet (commun - grand - blanc) pearl millet
bean thread noodles gluten-free
groats light whole-wheat
cereals (breakfast) wholemeal semolina
Italian breadsticks grits
rye bread green German wheat
meal guar gum
masa harina oats
oat bran oats, rolled
hot water crust pastry flea seed
Locust bean gum Kamut brand wheat
crumbly pastry sticky rice
besan crispbread
currant loaf Chinese vermicelli
long-grain rice lupin flour
corn semolina polenta loaf
polenta corn starch (thickening agent)
macaroni macaroon paste
tapioca wholewheat
meslin flour Chinese noodles
angel's hair (thin rice noodles) malt
crown brioche noodels
oatmeal barley
orzo brown bread
bread crumbs (i) Italian millet
Pasta pita (pouch)
pectin stripes of pancake
filo pastry empanades
pumpernickel Polar bread
stick wholemeal or white bread pigweed
ray-flour rice (i)
rice flour rice bran
risotto rice muffins
rye bread rye flakes
red rice finn crisp
won ton sago
sugared brioche shred
benne (seeds) bolted rye flour
polished rice Indian corn
easy-cook rice sandwich
Japanese buckweet noodles choux pastry
soy flour sorghum
daizu spaghetti
German wheat stollen
wheat wheat-semolina
tef(f) flour
bread crisps triticale (hybrid of wheat and rye)
toast one part baked (bread)
puffed wheat wholemeal bread
deep fry batter (or dough) wild rice
white bread screw
won ton wrappers (pasta pastry) sausage rolls
yufka bran
starch brown rice
selfraising flour  
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